Open up your mind!

Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Throughout her work the main focus is on the human being, one’s body, senses and perception, performing in an actual or virtual reality. Gradually the designer is taking away all restrictions and practical considerations in fashion towards the real expression of the self and a multi-dimensionally developed personality.

In this sense Flora strives to create deep dreams, desires and motives.

Be extreme to the point of powerlessness!

Flora embraces the experiment as a vehicle towards broadening established standards of craftsmanship and design. Fuelled by a friction of intellectual concepts and intuitive production she is challenging the obsolete idea of high couture and exploring techniques that are detached from design tradition or history.

The world of Flora is extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, exclusive and exciting to revel in mystery and surprise.

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+32 484 10 48 83

Frankrijklei 73, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium


Logo by Tom Tosseyn
Web by Matteo De Wint

Copyright © 2018, Flora Miranda


Save the date:
Flora Miranda presents the new artistic fashion collection “Pneuma” at Paris Haute Couture Week on 22nd January 2018.

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IT Pieces

Visit IT Pieces at

IT Pieces is an online design tool that materialises user data. Individualised, made to order garments that are distinctively suitable for daily use are being produced by means of several automation processes.

Online user behaviour directly influences the appearance of the knitted garment and thus creates an interaction between the individual’s online-activity and the independent design tool. With ITP, Flora creates an absolutely functional and applied solution in the fashion–technology sector.

Photo shoot: Domen/VanDeVelde

Creative direction: Flora Miranda

Event management: Johanna Zimmerer

Data scientist: Koen Smets

Graphic design: Mirko Borsche

Web development: Matteo De Wint

Mentor: Max Wolf/Meso

Generative design: Neoanalog

Production management: Samira Lafkioui

Financial support: AWS, Forecast Platform

Other partners: Stoll

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Press Reset

“Do you still own your future? Hook it up and press reset! Don’t give up the world!” (Atari Teenage Riot, Reset)

Flora Miranda presents a fashion collection that initiates a new beginning: A call to erase old paradigms, perspectives and processes to fully embrace a post-human existence.

“Today we are dealing with a complex society that finds itself entangled in a real crisis. This makes us question obsolete models that exhaust our world and our individual lives. I want to take this uncertain moment as an opportunity to erase our stuck modes of behaviour, ready-made ideas and preprogrammed processes. This is the time to regain the individual freedom, to get back to the basics and reconfigure our reality! Press reset!” (Flora Miranda)

Flora Miranda conceptually refers to the virtual world as a formable reality. Terms like fugacity, liquidation or immateriality are formulated into growing textures and textiles that follow the idea of neo-materialism: The human could be anything, it is loose from its societal obligations and it is the individual’s choice how they want to shape themselves.

With textiles that are based on the material silicone Flora shapes the body with a post-human approach. A special technique of weaving with dripping silicone has been developed together with Hermine Van Dijck. The collection consists of various textiles that are poured with refined pigmentation into wearable material.

Masks showing wide open mouths were created in collaboration with Niek Pulles. The masks refer to Austrian mythological figures named “Schiachperchten”.

Presented at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Photo shoot: photographer Ronald Stoops, assistant Sander Muylaert, makeup Kim Theylaert, model Mattilde Timmermanns (Rebel Models)

Lookbook: photographer Domen/VanDeVelde, makeup Mariska De Jong, model Naomi Van Kampen

Show: photographer Ed Ng

Backstage: photographer Trevor Brady

Show music: Aberzombie & Bitch

Sponsors: BKA, Loden Steiner, Van De Velde

Collaborators: Hermine Van Dijck, Niek Pulles / Heyniek

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In the fashion collection _Sidereal_Ethereal_Immatereal_ Flora is dealing with the disintegration of physical borders, with the immaterial body and being. Her initial vision is the dream to beam oneself from one place to the other, to break up the system of space and time. The designer intensively occupies herself with teleportation and quantum physics – upon this research she is employing a visual form- and colour language.
In this collection Flora creates a futuristic silhouette, she lets the body decompose in its single particles, breaks it up, makes it dissolves itself. The garments are fragmented and fleeing from their strict form.

The colours are reduced on black and blue, making the body seem “scanned” and read as pure information. The collection excludes any kind of emotion. The character of a strong woman is calculated, she does not know any limits and without fear steps over the rules of nature. The material functions in a graphical way, through sharp borders and hard shapes. Digitally printed leather is floating in rings around the body.

Presented at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp graduation show, Fashionclash Festival, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Serbia Fashion Week.

Photo shoot: photographer Ronald Stoops, makeup Inge Grognard, model Yana Van Ginneken

Photo shoot: photographer Laetitia Bica, makeup Laura Noben, model Sarah Whale

Photo shoot: digital imaging by Joachim Beens

Lookbook: photographer Gökay Caktak, makeup Adelien De Puysseleyr, model Christina Lovelace

Show: photographer Manny Llanura

Backstage: photographer GerGer, Bil Brown

Show music: Hantrax, Aberzombie & Bitch

Sponsors: Conceria Kara Srl, Van De Velde, Gentili Srl

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